Sources: The Power of Our Extensive Vendor Relations
With InfoCalix the power is at your fingertips. With one call, you can tap into the superior vendor relationships and passionate sales professionals of InfoCalix. An unrivaled combination that empowers you with the ultimate advantage: the ability to immediately acquire computer products, the most aggressive pricing and the greatest degree of service found in the reseller industry. With InfoCalix, you get much more than the best of both worlds. You get a secret weapon. InfoCalix equips its sales professionals with information technology sources that enable them to find products quickly and easily, get the lowest price, and ensure the fastest delivery to our customers. InfoCalix has a procurement system that provides an extremely efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and customized process for procuring software products and solutions. InfoCalix customizes its working relationships with its customers in much the same way it customizes its technology. Each InfoCalix sales professionals works closely with customers throughout the buying process.

People: The Power of Our Passionate Sales Professionals
InfoCalix has the most skilled and savvy sales professionals in the industry. InfoCalix sales professionals are - in a word - relentless. They are unabashed over achievers. They stop at nothing to ensure each customer's complete and unequivocal satisfaction. They not only understand how important time and money are to you, they understand the "real world" efficiencies you demand. Passion is a critical part of their pedigree. It's paramount in the corporate culture of InfoCalix - and it serves as a platform for everything we do. At InfoCalix, there is no such word as "can't". We will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations on a daily basis. Dedicated employees combined with their team work is the driving force of our company. We ensure that every employee provided with extensive training and equip them to be stronger technically.

The End Result
What do these dedicated, driven professionals actually mean to you? Everything. It means you will experience a computer reseller relationship unlike any other - one that is built on the performance of a recognized industry leader, rather than one built on pipe dreams and promises. A partnership that provides you with comprehensive, day-to-day accessibility to meticulously trained people and computer products - efficiency unequaled by any of our competitors. You'll receive quotes and product information presented almost instantaneously. Delivery that is on time and accurate. Invoicing that is prompt, precise and cognizant of organizational needs and back-end operations. And perhaps most importantly - the most competitive cost of acquisition in the computer reseller industry. It's true. The power is at your fingertips. Contact InfoCalix and discover what it's like to have a secret weapon in your arsenal.